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Happy Thanksgiving!  So much to be Thankful for this year!  With my own wedding back in July, a house remodel and a big move out west to the Bay Area for my husband’s career things have been a tad busy :-)icon_smile   But all of the changes have been exciting and I’m looking forward to the new path that lies ahead.  I’m so incredibly grateful for all of the amazing clients I have had over these past seven years and could not have asked for a kinder, cuter and just all around fabulous couple to close out 2015 with than Sam and Kevin.  Seriously the cutest.  Possibly ever.

Their engagement shoot was laced with the magic of Harry Potter and their wedding was enchanted by the fairy-tales of Disney.  Sam’s stunning wedding gown channeled the romance of Cinderella, Kevin’s tie had small, graphic Mickey Mouse heads on it and all of the tables were inspired by various Disney movies.  The perfect, tasteful amount of Disney whimsy without the whole day being over run by Mickey and Minnie.

Oh and did I mention Sam’s awesome paper bouquet?  Stunning and artful don’t even begin to do it justice.  Check it out… hard to believe it’s made of paper.  Amen for Etsy.

Congrats you two!  You were such a pleasure to work with and through one heck of a party!  Thanks for helping me close out my 2015 in style!

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0001Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0001

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0010Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0010 Sam and Kevin Wedding_0015Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0015

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0021Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0021

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0023Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0023

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0043Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0043

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0096Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0096

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0217Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0217

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0224Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0224

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0267Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0267

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0306Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0306

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0371Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0371

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0374Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0374

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0400Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0400

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0406Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0406

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0427Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0427

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1016Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1016

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1021Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1021

Sam and Kevin Wedding_0703Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_0703

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1309Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1309

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1275Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1275

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1331Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1331

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1351Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1351

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1397Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1397

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1700Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1700

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1845Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1845

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1873Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1873

Sam and Kevin Wedding_2040Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_2040

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1955Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1955

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1741Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1741

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1784Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1784

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1715Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1715

Sam and Kevin Wedding_2033Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_2033

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1904Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1904

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1998Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1998

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1864Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1864

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1752Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1752

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1938Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1938

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1860Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1860

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1869Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1869

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1814Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1814

Sam and Kevin Wedding_1788Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_1788

Sam and Kevin Wedding_2064Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_2064

Sam and Kevin Wedding_2315Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_2315

Sam and Kevin Wedding_2321Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_2321

Sam and Kevin Wedding_3156Sam-and-Kevin-Wedding_3156


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