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September 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Rainbows, Cookie Monster and just all around great people are three very important ingredients that made up Heather and Beau’s fabulous summer wedding day at the Evergreen Lake House in Evergreen, Colorado.  Cookie Monster blue… and just Cookie Monster in general… holds a great deal of meaning to the groom Beau and both laced their way through the couple’s celebration.  Even a Cookie Monster tattoo make an appearance!

The gorgeous bride’s touch of color was purple, but without a furry character to accompany it… but instead a group of lovely ladies who came from near and far to help send her down the aisle.  Thank you to Mother Nature for raining before the ceremony, drying up just before the nuptials, absolutely POURING during dinner and then gracing us with a spectacular rainbow just before the reception festivities kicked off.  Your time was impeccable!

Heather and Beau, thank you for being such a delight to work with and congratulations to you both!  Enjoy!

cookie monster wedding tiecookie-monster-wedding-tie cookie monster groom tie clipcookie-monster-groom-tie-clip groom getting wedding readygroom-getting-wedding-ready1 wedding day tequila shotswedding-day-tequila-shots1 wedding dress and shoeswedding-dress-and-shoes bridal party getting readybridal-party-getting-ready Heather and Beau Wedding_0283Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_0283 BW bride getting hair doneBW-bride-getting-hair-done Heather and Beau Wedding_0345Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_0345 Heather and Beau Wedding_0428Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_0428 bride getting into wedding dressbride-getting-into-wedding-dress Heather and Beau Wedding_0524Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_0524 start of wedding ceremonystart-of-wedding-ceremony summer evergreen lake weddingsummer-evergreen-lake-wedding evergreen lake wedding ceremonyevergreen-lake-wedding-ceremony Heather and Beau Wedding_0976Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_0976 Heather and Beau Wedding_1035Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1035 Heather and Beau Wedding_1289Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1289 Heather and Beau Wedding_1621Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1621 Heather and Beau Wedding_1585Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1585 Heather and Beau Wedding_1575Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1575 Heather and Beau Wedding_1452Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1452 Heather and Beau Wedding_1305Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1305 Heather and Beau Wedding_1521Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1521 Heather and Beau Wedding_1668Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1668 Heather and Beau Wedding_1599Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1599 Heather and Beau Wedding_1472Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1472 Heather and Beau Wedding_1681Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_16813 Heather and Beau Wedding_1687Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1687 Heather and Beau Wedding_1307Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1307 Heather and Beau Wedding_1562Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1562 Heather and Beau Wedding_1676Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1676 Heather and Beau Wedding_1498Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1498 Heather and Beau Wedding_1527Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1527 Heather and Beau Wedding_1635Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1635 Heather and Beau Wedding_1607Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1607 Heather and Beau Wedding_1997Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1997 Heather and Beau Wedding_1951Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_1951 Heather and Beau Wedding_2012Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_2012 Heather and Beau Wedding_2014Heather-and-Beau-Wedding_2014


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