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Kristen and Mia told me all about their monster decor for their fabulous Frisco, Colorado mountain wedding at our very first consult and I fell instantly in love with them.  Weddings can be so serious!  I’m all about people making their special day unique to them and this world of ours could use a little more playfulness!

We were graced with stunning weather (though I hear it POURED up there the day before!), with a crisp blue sky with fluffy playful clouds.  More playfulness!  These two could stare at each and love up on one another all day long!  They definitely made my job easy!  The moment where Kristen is walking up to Mia with her hands over her mouth because she can barely contain her excitement just makes me tickled with joy to do what I do and call it a living.  And Mia’s reaction once she turned around… picture perfect!

Too many moment of sheer joy were captured and there just isn’t enough time or space to share them all here.  Enjoy the sneak peek!

Rocky Mountain High HouseRocky-Mountain-High-House monster decormonster-decor brides dress and toms shoesbrides-dress-and-toms-shoes Mia and Kristen Wedding_0026Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0026 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0076Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0076 bride getting makeup donebride-getting-makeup-done bride getting readybride-getting-ready1 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0289Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0289 more wedding gettting readymore-wedding-gettting-ready Mia and Kristen Wedding_0323Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0323 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0483Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0483 sweet first look friscosweet-first-look-frisco brides getting into wedding garbbrides-getting-into-wedding-garb Frisco MountainFrisco-Mountain Mia and Kristen Wedding_0544Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0544 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0947Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0947 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0772Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0772 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0875Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0875 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0897Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0897 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0849Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0849 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0973Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0973 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0761Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0761 Mia and Kristen Wedding_1027Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1027 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0984Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0984 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0759Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0759 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0845Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0845 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0913Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0913 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0773Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0773 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0864Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0864 Mia and Kristen Wedding_1036Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1036 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0969Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0969 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0832Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0832 Mia and Kristen Wedding_1016Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1016 Mia and Kristen Wedding_0786Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_0786 Frisco wedding ceremonyFrisco-wedding-ceremony Mia and Kristen Wedding_1239Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1239 Mia and Kristen Wedding_1266Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1266 wedding ceremony joywedding-ceremony-joy Mia and Kristen Wedding_1529Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1529 Mia and Kristen Wedding_1671Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_1671 cake cuttingcake-cutting1 Mia and Kristen Wedding_2064Mia-and-Kristen-Wedding_2064


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